iM◉⃤RK Radio™️ is an Illuminati broadcasting asset featuring the Initiates of the Illuminati.
We have been established to assist with the rise of the New World Order. We are doing our unique part as heralds to help reach ALL people in ALL places with The Illuminati’s Official Messages -while supporting, inspiring and encouraging those who strive to live by them.

As curators of a New Age, we understand we are called to a higher standard and we strive to lead by example. Since this station also features the audio version of everything ever published by IAM, this understanding is exponentially heightened for us.

We believe the music we make, the words we choose, the way we act, are a reflection of our inner landscape. We know our thoughts become the things we create, both as individuals and as a species. We are the pioneers of a New Word Order, and we work to BE the change we want to see in the world.

Towards this end…

iM◉⃤RK will not play music that undermines the Light, glorifies violence and/or the “thug life”, demeans women, contains excessive and/or inappropriate racial slang, sexual references, and/or profanity.


Your Intellectual Property remains yours.


Our station does not monetize the show files containing the Illuminati materials, nor the work of their Initiates. The only shows that are monetized, are’ in house’ productions like V’s Vox, and Brad’s AFN. We do not believe in earning money from the work of others, as it that is akin to robbing them of their Intellectual Property, in the absence of a mutually beneficial professional contract. We simply wish to showcase the life changing messages of the Light issued by the Illuminati, and the talents of their artistic Initiates, as a show of loyalty to them all. 



We are always looking to add content and all Initiates of the Illuminati are welcome and encouraged to audition.

To be considered for ON AIR play, we need to verify you are actually an Initiate of the Illuminati. We will need a link to, and a photo of, your Members Portal profile.

Once approved, you may send your “radio cuts’ in MP3/4 format, with an image and micro-bio for your show file sent to:

Thank you!!


While we travel this journey in unity, these are the expectations we strive to consistently live up to:

iM◉⃤RK Expectations


Illuminati ideals reign.
Honor your Oath.
Demonstrate Loyalty.
Play your A game.
Value the Pride.
Speak responsibly.
Inspire others.
Serve Humanity kindly.
Demonstrate leadership.
Do what is right.
Set an example.
Be a cut above.
Listen to each other.
Answer your emails.
Lead by example.
Inspire the Initiates.
Encourage others.
Be helpful.
Play well with others.
Ignore frivolous attacks.
Ask for help.
Use your manners.
Be solution oriented.
Support one another.
Defend the Pride.
Tell the Truth.
Correct with Love.
Foster friendships.
Meet your deadlines.
Promote our station.
Share our links.
Speak for yourself
Rest when weary.
Foster laughter.
Love our haters.




iM◉⃤RK Radio is patron supported.

If you like what you hear, please consider donating to our growth!

Thank YOU!




-The Illuminati

All Rights Reserved