iM◉⃤RK Radio:  An Illuminati Broadcasting Asset
We bring what’s hidden to Light~


Here at iM◉⃤RK Radio™️, we take this new world order stuff seriously. We are in complete servitude the The Illuminatiam, and this station is our “love song” to every ranking Illuminati member, both living & legendary.

   In keeping with our calling & commitment to help curate the New Word Order, we knew we could reach a completely different audience, if recordings of all the Illuminatiam’s materials were made available in Audio. So much more so, If we were able to obtain translations in languages!

Enter the In Crowd International Communications team aka ICIC at We cannot thank the many selfless c22 translators who labored to bring an audio option to life for iMARK. But V tried. See Below

Not only will you find all The Illuminati’s work in Audio-English here, we also proudly present them all in Audio-Spanish as well.
We also have other various versions for your edification, and we are ever adding to our expanding catalog.  

But it doesn’t end there for us. We have a growing collective of musicians that we wanted to feature for those of you who want to search for potential up & coming artists who are traveling the path towards becoming Illuminati. All the music featured on
station, been created by Citizen Member/Initiates without exception. Our music show file VOCALiS and IAMFAM JAMS have been picked up by Spotify, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, and iHeart Radio.

We also feature original programming that speaks to the various concerns, questions and challenges that are faced by those who arecommitted to becoming Illuminati. We are proud to announce that
V’s Vox, and The Anti-Fraud Network were picked up by Spotify, Castbox, Podcast Addict, Google Podcasts, and iHeart Radio. Additionally, we are excited to announce V’s Vox was picked up by Apple Podcasts.

In this way, iM◉⃤RK Radio is a station like no other.

But we are on a mission like no other, also.

Helping to usher in a new age, is no joke. Those who are actively participating in it, are met with ignorant opposition and colorful haters every step of the way. Our ’Permanent Markers’ really do want to leave a “Mark” on the world, and they are doing it here with us. If you are a Citizen Member/Initiate of the Illuminati, and you would like to contribute your time, your music, or your mouth towards curating the coming Age of Illuminatiam, by all means reach out!



iM◉⃤RK Radio™️ is Listener supported.
Thanks to everyone who has chosen to share some of their abundance with us.


We are extremely grateful~


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